What's All The Hype About My Thoughts?

Important Information:

The medical field is now stating that 80 percent of disease is stress-related. Prolonged stress on the body can manifest adverse effects such as high blood pressure, heart disease, muscle pain, changes in blood sugar, headaches, colitis, anxiety disorders, and ulcers.

Science has proven that the human body emits specific vibratory information, which is also called energy. These vibrations have a self regulatory mechanism that specify the activities taking place within the body. 

Our body is incredible; when a cell or molecule gets out of sync, then a signal from a neighboring cell will attempt to guide it back to the correct signal. If a sufficient number of cells become out of sync, then the balance and stability can be lost which leads to disease and disorder.

Did You Know.....

Thoughts have a vibration.  Think of the times you have felt what someone was going to say without hearing them speak. Thoughts have a frequency that is felt by others.

Real Positive Change works with these thought vibrations to  restore the energy and peace felt by the  mind.  The result is a healthy body.

Less stress means NO more anxiety. You are free to be what you want; whether it is your ideal weight, feeling more of an emphasis on  happy, close relationships, or the motivation and  power to reach your goal.

Important: Changing your thought, and focusing on a positive creation process, such as Cre8 Reminders ©, will balance the vibrations felt by others; or in other words,  the emotional attitude that your body emits.

Being in sync with healthy thoughts and feelings is what allows the body to engage its own personal healing properties......hence, more vitality, better health, feeling and looking younger.

Can Thoughts Really affect our health? Listen to this audio and you decide.