Sample of a Cre8 Reminders© with music added - Building Motivation to DO WHAT YOU LOVE


Below is a sample of a Cre8 Reminder© that I put to music. Each time I listen to this statement, my energy, drive, & determination increases; which is the whole purpose of creating these statements.

Hearing your own voice speak the words out loud is important. There is a higher level of believability that comes from a person hearing their own voice.

Many people will say their statements in the morning as they rise, and right before they go to bed. Personally, I take a moment several times throughout the day to refresh my mind as to what level of thinking and attitude I am seeking to obtain.

These statements do not need to be put to music, or recorded. But saying them out loud with conviction, is what makes the difference. The more you practice focusing on these thoughts, the easier it is to over-ride the subconscious messages of worry and doubt.

So, if you find you are having a hard time accomplishing a goal, feeling enthusiasm, or being motivated, etc. Just a few minutes of intentionally writing down a simple statement, one that will redirect your thoughts, can be invaluable!!