What You Think About....Comes About

My work has been and continues to be a blessing for my family. With permission, I share experiences in this course of struggles and trials that my youngest daughter faces, and how her consistent effort with this process has helped her to repeatedly accomplish her dreams.

She has always loved to sing, and she has been gifted with this talent, but her inner critic has caused her to have anxiety when she is asked to sing in front of a crowd. At her older sisters graduation, when she heard the National Anthem sung at graduation, she said to herself, "I want to sing that song in front of a crowd"

She has always been a high achiever, but to pick such a difficult tune, and then to dream of delivering it to a large group without music to accompany her, was defiantly a BIG DREAM to accomplish.

It took her two years to accomplish this Dream; primarily because of the extensive number of teachers and leaders she had to gain permission from in her school to even perform.

She finally gain permission to deliver her rendition at the schools Homecoming celebration.

Below is the story of her Artisan's Journey as well as a video of her first major, public performance.