WORD LIST & Instruction for Cre8 Reminders©

Feel Maximum control over Stress, Cultivate Happiness & Feel Great!

Prolong stress creates illness. This is a DIY process to quickly change the way you manage your stress.

How-to's for overcoming anxious thinking, Cultivate Happiness and Feeling Great!

Cre8 Reminders© Intuitive Journaling is a simple (3) step process.

  1. Create the New Thought
  2. Record the Personal Affirmations
  3. Add a visual to help with memory recall.

This course is the first step out of this three step process. Here you are given the training to create new thoughts. You can transform thoughts of limitations, humiliations, and defeat, into motivation, drive, and endless possibilities.

James Allen once said, "A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses."

In this course you will learn how-to...

*recognize what perception is creating a feeling of anxiety

*use the word list to create Personal Affirmations that physically build NEW thoughts patterns....changing your emotional reaction to situations.

* Master your thoughts to cultivate happiness.

What You get...

* The complete Cre8 Reminders© Word List (which is constantly being updated)

* Seven Videos

* Step-by-Step Instruction

The Cre8 Reminders© Word Listis under copyright law, and is not to be copies, or transmitted in any form

Videos & Lessons

  Let's Talk about Why Each Thought Is SO IMPORTANT
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All my life I have always LOVED art. I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of North Texas.

There is something magical in the power of expression, whether that be through word, visual arts, or music. It is a power that crosses over barriers and mental blocks that shut down our ability to think rationally.

After starting a family, I became interested in the field of Positive Psychology, which lead me to another area of study and then to a coaching practice for the past 18 years.

During that time I began to see a great need for more creativity, in all it's forms, to balance out the extensive, and sometimes over used left side of the brain.

It is in this side of the mind that our inner critic resides...sending out messages that can keep us from progressing and feeling positive.

Only those who develop a routine of daily silencing their inner critic begin to feel a freedom emerge like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. it is a feeling of liberation to go forward and to take chances that will help to achieve their dreams and goals. It is the motivation to move forward fearlessly from your heart.

More importantly, taking a moment to be creative allows one to rest. Rest is the time in which the body can restore the energy that our nerves have expended. Being under excessive stress can build up cellular waste faster than our body can eliminate it and deplete one's energy faster than the body can restore it. To stay healthy in our "growing younger years", we have to give ourselves permission and time to rest and use our gift of expression. This is why I take the time to create these courses.

Read my full story: https://realpositivechange.com/about/

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start ?
The course begins the minute you enroll.. It is completely self-paced and you will have access to it 24 hrs a day.

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