Your Road To Health Starts Here

Our Inner Critic never stops talking to us. The constant flow of negative messages is like having bullies in our head. I created The Artisan's Journey to teach you how to silence, and give you steps to guard yourself from your inner critic.

The process Cre8 Reminders© is my way of UNPLUGGING from the situation that is inducing stress, and guides me as I RESET and develop a new healthier way; an IMPROVED reaction to these daily forms of stress.

My go-to reaction was either frustration and anger, or I used food to stuff the emotion away. Now I use this process daily if needed to handle the stressful wrinkles that show up in my life.

I will teach you the steps to create a routine, one that my clients have found successful for transforming worry, stress and anxiety into greater peace, and motivation for accomplishing their dreams.

I will give you detailed instruction, handouts, and videos to help teach you these steps to create more relaxation, more creativity, and a healthier you.

What's all the fuss about being creative?

The Right side of the brain is in charge of our creative thinking....the ability to dream, invent, imagine. The right side sees in "Big Picture", which basically means that you are able to view a situation from a greater vantage point.

Think of the lens on a camera. You can pull the lens in and expand your view, or you can "zoom out" and focus in on the littlest of details. The right side allows you to see the whole picture, opening your thoughts to new ideas.

The left side of the brain focuses in on small details. This is the side that drives us to get a goal or task done. This side is analytical and wants to know all of the answers.

Stress can be created from spending too much time in one side or the other.

We were created for these two sides of our mind to work together like a team. However, those moments when you find yourself stuck in one mode of thinking, be it daydreaming and never getting anything done, or ultra focused that you are creating anxiety, then it is time for a Real Positive Change.

REALizing where you are and what is happening is the first step. This step allows you to Unplug from the pattern of thinking that is driving the stress.

Creating a POSITIVE pattern of thought allows you to Reset and start over to build a healthier reaction where you actually feel renewed.

To CHANGE is to allow yourself to Improve and Create Your Healthiest YOU!

You and I are totally aware that life has many bumps in the road. Those bumps become aggravating and create what we view as a problem, now stress is created. Your focus has "zoomed in" for too long on the situation. Your thinking has become fixed on only one aspect. It's like traveling down a one-way road. When you hit a road block on that road, and you are too close to the situation, you can not see that there is a detour, a way to get around the obstacle.

Taking time to be creative, in whatever way that looks for you, brings back in the right side of the brain so that you can see the bigger picture, opening your "minds eye" to see a new solution.
Creativity, not only gives you an extra outlet for relaxation, it also helps to Reinforce the positive emotional reaction you are striving to create.

Each time you focus on a new statement that you created through Cre8 Reminders, as well as a visual image that you have attached to it, you are establishing a visual image to anchor your thought to. So, as you recite over the statement, and see the visual, a stronger neuro-pathway, (thought pattern) is being formed and strengthened, as well as an instant new response. A new "Go-to" healthy reaction next time you are faced with a similar stressful situation.

The more you use this process, the more automatic your positive response becomes.

You are building a form of relaxation that unplugs you from the negative, stress promoting perception; for an instant reset, and improved, new, healthy pattern of thought.

The journey of creating a "Healthier You" starts here.

The aim of Real Positive Change is teaching people how to stop their inner critic, and take care of their health and wellness... while managing situations that bring a great amount of stress. Develop this ability and you will feel that life is under control.

I look forward to your success.